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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

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Podcasts have been a HUGE part of my education and have been a MONUMENTAL influence on my life. It sounds crazy, but I have probably learned just as much from listening to podcasts as from my formal education. Podcasts are free audio or video episodes of basically everything you can imagine. They are created by everyone from mega news corporations and universities to passionate citizens and that weird guy down the street. They can be downloaded via iTunes or directly from the creator’s website. Podcasts are revolutionizing the way the world learns and shares information. I am currently subscribed to 40 or so podcasts (cut way back from the 100 plus after my initial discovery) that each deliver new episodes to my iTunes on daily, weekly, monthly, or sporadic intervals. During the school year, I get a bit backlogged, but over the summer I plow through them like mad! I listen to to them whenever I’m working or driving alone. Also, if you ever see me wearing headphones as I’m running alone, I’m not listening to music…

Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts, starting with THE BIG THREE, which come out every week with a new one-hour episode (all three have great websites as well):

Deconstructing Dinner – Stories showing the lack of sustainability in our modern agricultural system and the sustainability of the new systems beginning to emerge. Truly essential in my discovery of sustainable food and my philosophical revelation.

The Naked Scientists – Full of the latest science news, stimulating interviews, and science conversations. They hit every topic in science and can be enjoyed by everyone from you kids to doctors. There’s also a “kitchen science” segment every week that you can try out yourself!

This Week in Science – The title explains it all. This passionate tag team shares the best stories of the week and analyzes them in their own witty way. Really makes you think.

Science Friday Video – Not only cool science, but great videos to go with it!

60-Second Science/Psych – A daily snippet of the latest big research findings.

TED Video – TED lectures in your hand!

Living Green – Probably the closest to hippy I get. I’ll admit, many of the shows are a bit too spiritual/emotional for me, but there are plenty more great interviews where I’ve met some awesome people. Afterall, THIS is where I first discovered Janine Benyus (check out that episode in the archives) and started by philosophical revolution!

The Environment Report – My daily 4 minutes of environmental news.

BrainStuff: How Stuff Works – Just what it says…explains how those everyday things really work. Good fuel to sound smart about a whole bunch of little things!

More Hip Than Hippie – Two funny ladies from CA discussing all sorts of environmental topics and keeping it optimistic.

Living in the Future – An awesome documentary series about an “eco-village” in the UK. I’d really like to visit them.

MIT/Stanford/UMich Lectures – These three universities seem to be at the forefront of free, widespread, digital education. iTunesU has a lecture on any topic you can think of.

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