Kwolz's Adventures in Saving the World

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

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This is a list of my favorite and most-visited websites. Pick one at a time, browse around, learn something, and then leave your comments below! Enjoy!

My RunningAhead Log – Check out how my training is going, and maybe even start a log of your own.

My YouTube Channel – Lots of neat videos all made by yours truly.

One Straw: Be The Change – My inspiration for starting a blog. I worked with Rob a lot  in summer 2010, helping with and learning about all the cool stuff he talks about on here.

Local Harvest – Type in your zip code and discover your local farms, CSAs, farmers markets, sustainable restaurants, and co-ops. If you want to walk the talk, find, GO TO, and interact with the places you discover on this site.

The Story of Stuff – A must watch movie! Now, there’s also the Story of Cap & Trade and the Story of Bottled Water.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading – I absolutely love the concept of TED. My Passionate Pursuits Lecture Series was based on this idea, and one of my life goals is to give a TED lecture.

Freecycle – This is the REUSE part of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” One man’s trash is another’s treasure, so find a group near you to get rid of your trash and find your treasure. I have saved SO many things from heading to the landfill by using this site!

Permaculture Design Principles – An easy guide to the 12 principles that are essential to follow in order to Save the World.

Biomimicry Institute – The biomimicry authority.

The 15 Coolest Cases of Biomimicry – I would argue for a few others as well, but these have been the most popularized.

Illinois Wildflowers – A comprehensive database of native Illinois wildflowers. Browse a learn a bit about the life around you.

Prairie Nursery – Want to do a bit of restoration in your own yard? Buy prairie and woodland plants here!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds – Want to start a garden of your own? Buy some high quality seeds here!

Jaime Oliver – One of my heroes. He revolutionized the school lunch system in Britain, and now he’s trying to do the same here in the U.S. This is vital work, and he needs our help!

The Fun Theory – Makes you rethink motivation altogether.

UIUC Course Catalog – I’ve spent way too much time on this site determining my academic plan, but it was really a mind-opening experience. You would be surprised what you can learn! Don’t be afraid to take something out of the ordinary! Even if you’re not a student here, browsing the catalog and discovering all the different areas of knowledge can be a fun experience.

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