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¡Hola de Costa Rica!

Posted by kevinwolz on May 17, 2011

¡Hola de Costa Rica! ¡Estoy aquí! El vuelo pasó muy bien y muy rápido, y ahora estoy en mi cuarto nuevo con mi familia Tica. He esperado por muchos meses para este momento y no puedo creer que finalmente esté aquí. Solamente hasta quince horas que estaba con mi familia y mis amigos. Ya espero a todos, pero mi experiencia ya está incredible.

Orientación para la escuela empieza mañana y luego clases empiezan el lunes. Me gustan mucho mi “madre” y mi casa. Ella está tan simpatico y la comida está muy deliciosa. Aquí son fotos de mi cuarto y la sala. ¡Ojalá que el resto del verano vaya tan bien como las primeras horas!

Ah, y los Ticos dicen que el “terremoto” solamente era un temblor.


Hello from Costa Rica! I’m here! The flight went really well and quickly, and now I’m here in my new room with my Tico family. I have waited many months for this moment, and now I can’t believe that I’m finally here. Just fifteen hours ago I was with my family and friends. I already miss everyone, but my experience has already been incredible.

Orientation for the school starts tomorrow, and then classes start on Monday. I really like my “mom” and my house. She is so nice and the food is delicious. Here are some pictures of my room and the living room. Let’s hope that the rest of the summer goes as well as the first few hours!

Oh, and the Ticos say the “earthquake” was only a tremor.


4 Responses to “¡Hola de Costa Rica!”

  1. Joan said

    So glad to hear you arrived safely!
    Your bedroom and the living room look very nice. Are there other students staying at the same house as you? I don’t understand your Spanish of course, but I’m amazed that you could write a paragraph!!! Good to hear that you enjoyed the food!

    Love, GB

  2. Karen said

    Thanks for translating your Spanish for the rest of us! Happy for you… It is all coming together nicely! We look forward to your ongoing blog updates. Enjoy! Mom & Dad

  3. Dale & Joyce said

    Will be looking forward to hearing about your experiences. We hear that Costa Rica is a beautiful place.
    Grandma & Grampa Schreiber

  4. Aunt Cathy said

    Su espanol es muy bueno!! Que tiene para la comida? Bueno suerta en Costa Rica! Me gusta los fotos!

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