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I Love Perennials

Posted by kevinwolz on May 15, 2011

So I just spent the weekend at our cottage relaxing (and sleeping) before I head south. While I was there, I planted a bunch of seeds in the small garden we still have there and tidied it up for my parents. I was expecting to show up to very little plant life after the winter, but I was quite happy to be proven wrong…the perennials were back in full force…twice as big and vigorous as last year!

Now, I already knew perennials were awesome, but I guess the full effect never dawned on me until my OWN perennials came back a second year without me doing a bit of work on them. My respect for perennials now has a personal touch to it.

Check out pictures of all my perennials here. Last year (the first year of growth for all of them) was rough for all of these plants since they are used to having a big energy store below ground to get them going in the spring. This year, they had that, and WOW did it show.

Who doesn’t love a plant that comes back every year without any work on our part!?


2 Responses to “I Love Perennials”

  1. Joan said

    Loved the pictures of your perennials. I also have wild
    columbine in my garden and they are just about to open!! How come you didn’t show pictures of all your
    hostas??? They’re perennials and look how big and strong they are each year. Do you like rhubarb? That comes up each year, too. Went shopping this weekend with Aunt Cathy for our summer flowers: both
    annuals and perennials. Lots and
    lots and we had fun choosing them!
    You’re about to leave for Costa Rica.
    Have a great time, enjoy, enjoy and don’t go anywhere alone!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it and to see your videos and photos.
    Buon viaggio!

  2. Roger said

    Yes perennials are wonderful and you will want more. Hope you have a great summer.

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