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Campus Eco-Update

Posted by kevinwolz on February 8, 2011

These big birthday reflections are going to have to hold up for a bit…here are two big updates on our campus’s environmental front:

Latest on UIUC’s Wind Turbine Controversy – We’re meeting with the University President today to discuss possible outcomes. We want a turbine on campus!!
UPDATE: University of Illinois President Hogan has committed that he will bring the wind turbine project to the next Board of Trustees meeting for approval in March, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! This is a very strong and reassuring commitment. There are still a few budget issues to work out, but we hope that these can be resolved within the next few weeks.
Latest on UIUC’s Coal Ash Controversy – This one’s out of our hands now. It’s now up to the Attorney General’s office if UofI students have the right to see how their money is being spent and where our toxic waste is going.

UPDATE: Just interviewed for a story on the Coal Ash Controversy that will air at 4:30pm this afternoon on Channel 7 WAND in Champaign County (NBC). Check it out!

UPDATE (again): The archived video of the TV news story can be seen HERE on WAND’s website. (hahaha…definitely an effective story, but it’s really funny how about 10 minutes of me answering questions got boiled down to just TWO SENTENCES. TV reporters…)


Check back here in a few days for updates on either issue.

2 Responses to “Campus Eco-Update”

  1. grace said

    Hi Kevin, Happy Birthday, !!!!! Feb 6th!!!!!! I have been buried in snow and forgot to email this on time!!! Grace

  2. Roshan said

    Oh man I missed the rally.

    but it looks like you have it covered, so im not worrying too much 🙂

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