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The Big Two-Oh: Looking Back

Posted by kevinwolz on February 6, 2011

Four score and seven…oh, no I guess that’s just one…score ago, my life began. Today, Sunday February 6th, 2011, brings my age to the big Two-Oh. I don’t really feel any different, but it’s crazy to think that I’m twice as old as I was when the 9/11 attacks took place. I’m  four times as old as I was when I first started school! And, I probably already have over a quarter of my life completed (according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s average male life expectancy of about 75 years)!! Hmm…that last one’s a bit less exciting than the first two…

Regardless, the big Two-Oh has definitely gotten me to slow down and reflect a bit, both on where I’ve been and where I’m going. With this post, I’ll start by looking back, and I’ll follow up with another post or two (less touchy-feely) that reflects a bit more on the present and future.

Well, I’d say these first 20 years have been pretty darn great (alright, I can’t technically speak on those first few years…but I’ve seen pictures), and I’m going to start with a few acknowledgements of why that’s so. I was fortunate enough to grow up in an accepting culture and economic situation where I could have just about anything I could want. As I experience and learn about other cultures and countries, I realize just how often I (and most of us) take those simple things for granted. I’m lucky to have two loving parents that have not only cared for my best interests, but also have given me endless opportunities throughout my life to see and do many things that some only dream of. It’s difficult to put this in words and impossible to ascribe a value. Suffice it to say that anything and everything that I have done and will do wouldn’t be possible without the care, opportunities, and encouragement that they have provided. For that, I thank them dearly.

The rest of my family and friends have also been unbelievably supportive. Mary, practically my sister, has been a strong pillar in my life for as long as I can remember, and she had an indispensible impact on me during my most impressionable years. My friends have also been with me through thick and thin, and they’ve been especially helpful in keeping me sane and reminding me to enjoy myself. I can’t wait to see what our friendships will create in the future. Thank you to everyone around me for your support and influence.

As the vast majority of my life so far has revolved around education (some quick math will show that I’ve spent about 1 in every 4 waking minutes in school over the last 15 years!), it would be foolish not to acknowledge one more group in particular: my teachers. While I now view many of you as friends, I cannot overstate the impact you have had on me as teachers and mentors, molding my character and stimulating my love for learning. When you read this one day, you’ll know who you are. Thank you.

Along with all these great people, I’ve had some great experiences. Far off excursions like traveling in Europe, scuba diving in the Caribbean, and exploring the most beautiful places of my own country have been unbelievable. Even seemingly innocent things such as 7 years of band and 8 years of distance running have impacted me more than most realize. There’s way too much more to list here, but more important than magnitude and quantity, however, is the diversity and quality of my experiences.  I think these 20 years will prove to be quite a strong foundation on which I’ll build the rest of my life.


2 Responses to “The Big Two-Oh: Looking Back”

  1. Joan said

    Beautiful, Kevin. And the next 20 yrs. are going to be even better!!!

    Love, GB

  2. Dale & Joyce said

    Great insight Kevin and so well expressed. Atta boy!!!!

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