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The Education Ecosystem

Posted by kevinwolz on October 29, 2010

As previously promised, here is my bioinspired-philosophical-systems-metaphor #2. I was originally planning on creating a metaphor for the “ideal” education system, but I think this more closely reflects the current system.

Again, I’m very interested in developing this idea further. Please comment with ideas and suggestions. By no means is this initial synthesis perfect. One particular discrepancy is that grad students and TAs occupy two different kingdoms, when in fact they are usually one in the same. Gonna have to work on that one. Maybe grad students that also TA are all photosynthetic sea slugs?? Just look at the endless potential of this model…


3 Responses to “The Education Ecosystem”

  1. Bruce said

    Kevin, Another strong effort-thanks! I really did lol when I saw the fungi and weather. I’m sure that you know that BOTH rain and lightening can be beneficial (and yes, harmful).

    • kwolz said

      Haha, well humor is certainly another essential component of the system. I certainly agree on the positive effects of weather/climate: it’s place in an ecosystem is really to set the stage for what is possible. Sunlight and water are THE two primary components that determine what KIND of ecosystem exists (prairie, rainforest etc.). These, coupled with the preexisting geography (government) create the baseline for an ecosystem. A thunderstorm is just a lot easier to draw, despite its negative connotation…

  2. manasa said

    Kevin..I love this! What would the oceans be? a form of government?..or like maybe the ocean is the vast infinite knowingness, and the small droplets of water we get are like ideas and changes inspired as a result of this expansive awesomeness of this planet (aka the ocean)?
    and need the moon as be a reflection of the passion in our life 😛

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