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I have no answer.

Posted by kevinwolz on October 2, 2010

“Climate scientist James Hansen was among more than 100 people arrested on Monday at the Appalachia Rising protest against mountaintop-removal coal mining” (Grist-slideshow)

I firmly believe that THIS is what scientists need to be doing at this point. The science is sound. Scientists need to get off their butts, out of their lab, and in the damn streets. We NEED their leadership and knowledge to lead a confused, apathetic, and mislead America. If you don’t understand, learn. If you don’t believe, get out of our way. This isn’t just a political dance. This is about climate change. This is about people’s lives. This is about our future. My future. Your future. Our children’s future.

In two weeks, I will  head to California for the 2010 Bioneers Conference, the keynote speaker of which is pictured in handcuffs above. I am honored and thankful to have this opportunity…that is, if he’s out of jail by then.

Dr. Hansen and all the protesters here and everywhere are my heroes. Everyday, I ask myself what I will tell my kids when they ask me why I wasn’t there with him. I have no answer. What will YOU say?


3 Responses to “I have no answer.”

  1. rogerthesurf said

    “The science is sound.”


    This is great news because I have been spending much of my time looking for sound science regarding Global Warming.

    If you have found some empirical evidence supporting the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis, please share it with me and my readers.

    Very much looking forward to seeing this sound evidence!



    I am so excited to examine this evidence that I will also publish this comment and your answer under your site name at for the benefit of my above mentioned readers.

  2. Ellen Klaus said

    Very well said, Kevin. Sustain Jefferson is going to have an action day on 10-10-10, with Check it out on our facebook page.

  3. Greg said

    The suppression if knowledge is a tactic of an oppressive government. We saw it happening big time within the Bush administration and it’s still happening now. The gulf coast disaster is a case in point. The disaster area is off limits to scientific investigation to anyone but the government and BP. Hmmm, I wonder if either have any financial stake in the matter that could sway their investigations.

    Scarier still is American’s dislike or understanding for knowledge. Take the Tea Party for instance… nearly total disregard for science and history. Yet it is becoming main stream thinking. The party of ‘No’. No Science, no spending (that I can agree with to a point) and no solution. For an interesting (and scary) take on historic comparison to the mob mentality and suppression of ethics and science, listen to Nome Chomsky’s interview on ‘On Point’, with Tom Ashcroft. go to:

    May you live in interesting times. This is an ancient Chinese proverb that is both a blessing and a curse… crisis being interpreted and both an opportunity and a curse.
    So which will it be for us? Curse? Or opportunity?

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