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Garden Update #10: Fall Harvest Weekend

Posted by kevinwolz on September 27, 2010

Yes, I’m still here! It’s been way too long since my last update…school has really put a damper on things. I’ve been involved in so many awesome things already, but that’s a topic for another post. This past weekend I drove back up to Wisconsin with my friend Katie for an intense Fall Harvest Weekend. The goal was to harvest as much as possible out of my garden and prep it for winter.

In total, I harvested over 75 pounds of food in one day, brining me very close to my summer goal of 300 pounds. Check out these pictures from the harvest and read the captions for all the good content of this post.

Happy Fall!


3 Responses to “Garden Update #10: Fall Harvest Weekend”

  1. Mom and Dad said

    We can not believe all that you harvested. Just 9 days ago I harvested a lot beans,cucumbers and tomatoes.Congrats on a great garden/summer.

  2. Roger said

    What a wonderful harvest and great pictures too. Rog

  3. Joan said

    The veggie pictures are awesome!
    You’ve got quite a large harvest and they all look so great.
    The two frying pans with the cooked veggies look so tasty. Was that all done at the cottage? How did it taste? How many pumpkin pies did you make? I bet it all was wonderful. Congratulations on a great harvest. Can’t wait to see what you get next year.
    Were the marigolds the Monticello
    marigolds? Mine are blooming like crazy, too, and I keep cutting them and putting them in vases. Strong
    smelling in the house but they are so pretty. I have gazillion seeds if you want to plant them all over the perimiter of your cottage area next year. If yours are Monticello
    marigolds, deadhead them and let the seeds dry and then put them in a jar
    for next year’s planting. They would
    look pretty around the perimeter of your garden and I believe they keep some of the bugs away.
    Then the following year, you’d have
    enough seeds for your neighbors, too.
    Your great-grandpa and great-great-grandma would be so proud of you!!!

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