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And so it ends…

Posted by kevinwolz on August 19, 2010

As quickly as it started, so it ends. I bid Wisconsin farewell for a while and return to the flatlands of the south. In some ways, it feels good to be back on campus, but I am also already missing my summer Community. THANK YOU to everyone who made my summer so engaging, educational, and transformative! From the philosophical discussions to the hours of sweat in the fields, I will never forget anyone I bonded with over the summer. I am greatly in debt to all that you have done for me, and I hope to join forces once again in the future to continue the push ahead.

In light of my departure, my To Do List has become an Accomplishment List. There were a few random uncompleted tasks, but everything now on the list has been learned, observed, or experienced to some extent. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I learned more in the last three months than I had in the previous three years. Definitely time well spent! More importantly, this summer has taught me so much about my strengths, my aspirations, and my place in the world. It has been a journey of self-discovery just as much as one of intellectual development. The future seems easier to grasp now, and my education has more of a direction than ever before. I return to campus more confident and prepared to take on the challenges that lie ahead. However, confidence and direction do not mean I know the final destination. I still have no idea where exactly I fit in the grand solution, and I certainly can’t predict where I will be after I graduate. Heck, I’m not even entirely sure what I’m doing tomorrow! That said, I already have several possibilities floating around in my mind for next summer…oh the dreams!

Tomorrow morning, I move into my new apartment and begin the next chapter in my story. Believe it or not, after a summer of wild and haphazard schedules, it already feels good to get back to some structure and routine. Classes start on Monday, and extracurriculars have already begun in full force. I’m not yet sure which activities will take precedence this semester, but one of my goals is definitely to focus more and not stretch myself thin with over commitment. As these activities begin to replace my summer tasks, blog posts will inevitably be slowing down. I have a few more summer topics left to cover, and then I’m going to shoot for no more than one post per week for a while.

Nevertheless, thoughts about the summer will not altogether cease. I plan on sharing my story and experiences with as many people as possible this semester. I already have a few presentations lined up and hope to continue discussing everything from specific agricultural topics to the general concept of alternative summer plans.

Thanks for following my story over the summer and sharing these experiences with me. I look forward to continuing my journey with the support of my friends and family. With this chapter under my belt, I can only dream of where my story will go from here.


4 Responses to “And so it ends…”

  1. Joan said

    I have so enjoyed all your blogs all summer long and look forward to seeing new ones from U of I.
    You certainly have learned a lot during one summer session and I’m amazed at what you have accomplished.
    Best wishes are sent your way for a happy, fulfilled second year.

  2. Ellen said

    Nice to hear that you’re back in the swing at school. Have a wonderful start-up next week. Ellen Klaus

  3. onestraw said

    Thanks again for all the help this summer! Focus is critical, but the path is varied and unpredictable. Follow the muse as it leads, but have a goal in mind so as to not stray to far off the path. There is so very, very much out there to learn and discover – the specialists have delved deeply into a myriad of fields. What is needed now is generalists and philosophers to tie that wealth of knowledge together into an organic method to allow us to thrive in the coming uncertainty. Permaculture and Ecology teach us that the “edge” is the most productive spot in any ecosystem -real or societal. We are currently on the edge of two world views, just as you find yourself on the edge of rural and institutional. Much can be gained there in. Good luck young sir!

  4. Victoria Johnson said

    Now it wiil be

    GO ILLINI!!!

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