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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Posted by kevinwolz on August 8, 2010

If reading about my summer has taught anyone anything, it’s that I don’t approach my education very “traditionally.” My university knows nothing about what I did this summer, and I’m certainly not following the recommended approach for civil engineering students. Back in May, I even succeeded in turning my actual engineering coursework away from “tradition” by creating a Custom Degree Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering. This was a huge positive step towards making my education what I wanted it to be, but it still wasn’t quite there.

Along with my engineering degree, I will also be pursuing a second degree in Integrative Biology Honors (IBH). As opposed to Molecular and Cellular Biology, Integrative Biology deals more with the macro scale of biology, especially ecology. I am very fortunate to have been accepted into the Honors major, IBH only accepts about 30 students each year. These students then take all of their core and many of their upper level classes together, creating a cohesive group of friends and classmates. I am really excited to begin the IBH coursework this upcoming semester and make a bunch of new geeky biology friends along the way.

After months of preparation and way too much paperwork, my second degree has finally been officially approved!! For a more in-depth description about how these two degrees fit together in my mind (in language appropriate for college deans), read my written petition. For a list of exactly what courses I have taken and what’s to come, check out my semester course plan. Good stuff.


2 Responses to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

  1. Joan said


    Your petition and your 4-year
    curriculum have left me speechless!

    Congratulations on getting the courses scheduled that you wanted.


  2. Victoria Johnson said

    All I can say is that your schedule does not surprise me. WOW!!


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