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Down the Home Stretch

Posted by kevinwolz on July 24, 2010

Only one month left until classes start! Wow, has this summer gone by so quickly…although, when doesn’t time fly? These last two weeks have been particularly hectic, as I’ve been trying to cross off the final few things on my To Do List. There’s still several things left to do, and this last month is already packed solid…

Right now, in fact, I’m heading down to Alabama for the Sierra Student Coalition Environmental Leadership Training Program. I honestly have no idea what to expect at this thing, and I was quite hesitant to take a week out of my busy SLE3RF summer. I’m carpooling with someone I’ve never met and won’t know anyone at the camp either. However, after some scholarships went through for room, board, and travel, I figure it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m excited to meet some similar personalities from other campuses and collaborate on some neat stuff. Not sure what my internet connection will be like, but I’ll do my best to post while I’m there.

The following week, I’ll head back to Wisconsin for a few days of catching up with the garden and the people up there. Then, I’ll continue up to The Agroforest, where I’ll camp out and immerse myself in intense Permaculture and Agroforestry for several days. The original plan was to make several trips up there throughout the summer, but there were just too many awesome things going on locally to leave time for a trip! Nevertheless, I’m finally heading there, and I’m SOOO excited. Not to mention, I’ll also be hitting my peak summer mileage during this time, which will certainly take a lot of concentration and energy.

After that intense immersion, I’ll probably run a 5k to get an end-of-summer fitness reality check before a more laid back week of relaxation and pre-class stress relief. I’ll spend a few days hanging out with all my high school friends before they head off, and then I’m going camping with Rick – the guy that was the main spark in igniting all of my environmental interests – to really to really chill and soak in some nature. We’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. If I don’t get lost in the woods, I’m then having a bunch of people up in Wisconsin for our cross country team’s summer camp, where we’ll do lots of running, bonding, and relaxing. Finally, I’m hoping to go to a Down the Line (my favorite band) concert in Chicago as the big summer-end finale.

Then, I have a day or so to pack for school, and I head back to campus on the 17th. Classes don’t start until the 23rd, but I have a ton of things to do for those few days with the groups I’m involved in…not to mention move into my apartment.

Whoooo! All that in a month?! It’s gonna be great!


2 Responses to “Down the Home Stretch”

  1. Joan said

    Did you say you only have one month to do all the above? You’ve had an amazing summer. It’s not quite over yet.
    Tell us all about Alabama when you get back.

  2. Victoria Johnson said

    Hi Kevin; It wore me out just READING of all your plans for these last weeks — but if ANYone could fulfill them, I know it would be you — I hope all of your plans fall into place exactly as you expect them to.

    After an amazing Summer,and the special trip to Alabama I am glad you will be taking some time for fun and relaxation before you hit the books!

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