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Garden Update #7: Pop!

Posted by kevinwolz on July 22, 2010

The heat and humidity of the last few weeks have done wonders for the garden. I’m still completely blown away at how amazingly everything came back after the hail. Here’s the latest:

  • I HAVE PUMPKINS! They’re green, but they look great. Pumpkin pie, here I come!

  • Cucumbers have also bounced back well after their severe beating. I’ve harvested several cucumbers already, and there are a ton of babies on the way up. I’ve also been working at training the plants back up the fence on which they were originally trellised.
  • The pole beans on the tree house have out grown the string I put up a few weeks ago, so today I had to add another five feet on top. If they climb all that, they’ll be pretty close to the roof! Along with crazy growth, the plants are also putting out beans like crazy. I’ve already harvested over two pounds since they started fruiting last week.
  • Everyone told me that eggplant is so hard to grow because it’s so picky and needs it super hot. I hesitated at first, but my plants look fantastic now. They recovered beautifully from the hail and are now flowering in several locations. I guess the real test will be fruit production though.
  • Remember those spindly and sickly looking sunberries that I thought would never survive? Well, they’re growing like mad and covered in berries! I said I’d be happy with one berry…this is quite the unexpected surprise!
  • The potato buckets still look great, although I’m getting a little anxious about the actual potato production. I’m definitely one that likes to see a plan through step by step. Potato production isn’t jiving very well with this trait of mine: it really bothers me that I’ll never know how the actual potatoes are doing until I actually harvest them!
  • Most of the post-hail savior tomato and pepper transplants are beginning to grow quickly, and some of the tomatoes are even beginning to flower.
  • All of the lettuce has been removed from the garden because it was either bolting or getting bitter. Now there is more sunlight for the dill, tomatoes, and Swiss chard that are also in that section.
  • Over the last few weeks, I harvested almost all of my broccoli and cauliflower. After waiting for and harvesting secondary shoots on the broccoli (and learning that cauliflower doesn’t really do that), I pulled out all the plants and replanted the area with Romanesco broccoli and Purple Cape cauliflower seeds. Many of the seeds have already germinated and, if all goes as planned, I should have a fall crop of Brassicas just before winter sets in. I WANT TO EAT MY FRACTAL BROCCOLI!
  • Corn is tall and now has tassels!
  • I yanked my first (purple!) carrot and it was great! I forgot they were still orange on the inside….cool! I will soon make a larger harvest since there are quite a few getting to mature size.
  • The winter squash and watermelon are growing SOOOOO fast. I’d say that the vines on the butternut squash are growing at least one foot per day. It’s insane! The acorn squash is bushier than the butternut, but it already has a several inch in diameter fruit on it!
  • It hasn’t been a huge difference, but I definitely noticed that I held back on my purchases a bit at the FM this past week because I knew I had stuff coming out of the garden. What a feeling. Check out the pictures below of one morning’s fresh harvest that was transformed minutes later into a tasty stir fry that accompanied eggs for breakfast.


6 Responses to “Garden Update #7: Pop!”

  1. Joan said

    Wow, Kevin! Your harvest looks great! And so do your pumpkins!
    Congratulations on doing so well with your garden. Keep the pictures coming!

  2. Karen said

    Great garden!! All looks so delicious!

  3. Victoria Johnson said

    In 1945 we lived inIndependence MO–I planted a garden; A neighbor watered when we went to Chgo for a visit & upon our return, my potato leaves were all wilted.I was devastated! Soon became the laughing stock of the neighborhhod – didn’t realize you had to DIG THE POTATOES UP!!CITY GIRL’S first garden. Glad YOU knew what you were doing!

  4. Aunt Cathy said

    Stir fry looks yummy! YOur garden is awesome. What are sunberries? Did you plant pie pumpkins? I make pie with my class every year from a pumpkin:) Some years it is hard to find the right kind of pumpkin……….

    • kwolz said

      Sunberries are kind of like blueberries, but less sweet and a LOT easier to grow. I had never heard of them before I bought the seed…they should be ready soon! They’re not that tasty alone, but supposedly they make great pies! YUP, all my pumpkins are pie pumpkins (two varieties). That pumpkin shortage last year really killed me…SOLUTION: grow 100 of my own! If I see you after harvest, you’re more than welcome to take some for class!

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