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Garden Update #6: Resurrection

Posted by kevinwolz on July 5, 2010

I must admit: I’m impressed. Despite the hail maelstrom we had a while back, my garden has bounced back better than I ever expected. It’s not perfect, and it’s certainly set back quite a bit, but at least it’s alive.

Pumpkins and carrots were by far the best returnees…pumpkins because they grow like mad and carrots because they were docile enough to just lay down, not put up a fight, and get back up when the storm had passed. The lettuce also came back pretty quickly. Many of the larger leaves were shredded, but I now have a beautiful and colorful mix filling right back in.

On a slightly less positive note, only about half of the corn and almost none of the beans survived. The Brassicas also took a beating mainly because their thick stalks did put up a fight, only to sustain a lot of snapped petioles. Nevertheless, the cauliflower heads and kohlrabi bulbs continue to grow, albeit probably a bit more slowly. The Brussel’s sprouts also seem to be regaining strength.

The tomatoes were hit worst of all. Of my six heirloom plants, I don’t think any will make it. While this really sucks, I didn’t waste any time in replacing the losses. With the helping hands and moral support (it would have been depressing to do this alone) of  my friend Alex, I transplanted about 20 tomatoes and 25 peppers from another friend who had extra. These went wherever something didn’t survive the storm. We also replanted the corn and beans with all of my remaining seeds. It’s pretty late in the season, but I don’t really have anything to lose at this point. Here are the latest pictures from around the garden and house.

As somewhat of a memorial to my original plans, I finally got around to sketching out the (pre-hail) layout of my garden. Here is also a more detailed layout of the Three Sisters planting method. Each square in the grid represents about one square foot, and the plant abbreviation key is at the top. As much as I love the idea, I want to stress that this is NOT Permaculture. This is just a simple annual garden. That said, I did use many Permaculture principles in the planning process. The plants are not haphazardly arranged; careful thought was given to the layout in order to maximize both production efficiency and beneficial plant interactions. You’ll have to visit me to learn more.

In light of this joyous resurrection, I’ve decided to set forth a production goal for the garden as it now stands. In a more ideal situation, I’m sure I could have done more with my 700 square feet, but I’m setting 100 pounds as the total edible-production goal for this season. There’s no logic behind it…but I work better with goals, and 100 is just a nice round number. We’ll see how it goes.


2 Responses to “Garden Update #6: Resurrection”

  1. Joan said


    What is “A”? I counldn’t find the pumpkins. I could find everything else. You really have a multi-veggie garden!! Amazing!


  2. Victoria Johnson said

    Like farmers, you didni’t give up — GOOD FOR YOU (and you sure have great friends)


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