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The Farmers Market Experience

Posted by kevinwolz on June 26, 2010

After over a month of unfortunate absence, I finally attended my local farmers market again this morning. The experience reminded me that I never want to go that long away from my market friends again. Attending the local FM is one of my all time favorite things to do. Food, friends, music, laughter, and scheming to save the world…what else could you possibly want?

Weekly essentials are eggs, meat, bread, cheese, honey, and, of course, whatever tasty veggies are currently in season. I usually spend at least an hour making these few purchases because I spend more time talking than shopping. The FM encompasses much more than simply an economic exchange, albeit this is still an important aspect as we are truly supporting and strengthening our local economy.

Beyond economics, though, there is a significant cultural exchange taking place as this great community comes together to preserve its traditions and values. No big business influence here! There is also an energetic social exchange taking place as we share the latest happenings at home or on the farm. After all, my farmers are my friends, and we support each other in matters way beyond just food. Finally, there is a very strong emotional exchange taking place. When I purchase a dozen eggs at the FM, for example, I have such a strong connection with them. Crazy? Well, I’ve been to the farm, I’ve seen the chickens, I know what they eat, and I know how they were treated. Same story with everything else: That’s the FM Experience.


2 Responses to “The Farmers Market Experience”

  1. sheril said

    Oh Kevin, that is such a great post. From the vendors angle: When you first started coming to the bread stand we thought you were such a great guy. Then you kept coming back and we got to know you better. I had no idea you were in HS at the time and when I found out I remember saying to your mom, “you must be very proud of your son”. This was for many reasons. For a young adult to appreciate the market vendors as you do, was amazing to me. Mostly because you didn’t attend our local school system and weren’t familiar with all of us. But that relationship grew and we all would discuss the interest you had in all our operations. And now the evolution of it all has put you right into our local family of friends. It is so great to see someone in your age group really get it! To me, this is hope for our future. I appreciate your attitude and your willingness to learn the dirty work it takes to have a working sustainable eco-system. And I must say that as much as you are learning from others, we are all learning from you as well. You have inspired me to think a little more detail into some of my not-so-zany ideas of being more eco-friendly.
    So thank you for your interest and friendship in our local system in Fort. We all appreciate your involvement.

  2. Victoria Johnson said

    Kevin, the bonus for all the hours you put in raising a garden, is that you have made some wonderful friends who share your interest.

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