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Garden Update #4: FIRST HARVEST!

Posted by kevinwolz on June 15, 2010

I wasn’t expecting to have another garden update for a while, but I have big news: I made my first harvest from the garden! Yesterday, I harvested 1.7 pounds of radishes and 0.4 pounds of lettuce. Quite honestly, the radishes had slipped my mind (easy to do with root crops), and the only reason I decided to check on them was because I need to plant my last row of three sisters were they were growing (I had planted radishes and lettuce in the last two rows of three sisters because I knew I could get an initial crop out before the corn was even planted). Once I actually got down on my knees and checked things out, I saw radishes popping out of the ground! There were large, small, pink, purple, spherical, and elongated individuals, making a pleasant variety. Today, I got to try them out in a tasty stir fry…yum!

The lettuce also confused me a bit because I planted the seed from a variety pack…so I didn’t really know which lettuce was what and when it should be harvested. Nevertheless, I proceeded with nature’s only fool-proof test to determine if it was ready: I ate some! It tasted pretty darn good (lots of interesting flavors among the lettuce mix, including some surprisingly spicy ones), so I decided to harvest a few day’s worth. As my garden progresses, I will continue to weigh and record everything I harvest. I know it doesn’t really matter, but the fact of matter is that I’m an engineer…and I LOVE graphs! So let the data flow! I want to set a year-end poundage goal for the garden, but I honestly haven’t the slightest idea what to aim for! Any ideas? 100? 500? 10? The garden is about 700 square feet, with a huge variety of plants. I think the pumpkins will really throw my estimates off.

Some of the radishes bolted before I could get to them. Bolting occurs when a normally leafy plant decides to send up a central stalk and flower. This typically happens when it gets too hot or you wait too long to harvest. Unfortunately, this usually causes all parts of the plant to lose their previously appealing taste and become bitter. However, while traditional harvest is out of question, I am going to leave these radishes in place and allow them to produce seed. Since I only have one variety growing in my garden, I should get fairly pure seed, which I will then harvest and save for use next year!

"Pick me! I'm right here!"


5 Responses to “Garden Update #4: FIRST HARVEST!”

  1. Joan said

    Radishes look awesome! I never heard of radishes in a stir-fry.
    With what did you mix them? Try them in a salad, too, with your first crop of lettuce.


    • kwolz said

      When I make stir-fries, I just throw in whatever is in season and I have laying around. Yesterday it was radishes, onions, garlic, kohlrabi, beet leaves, and baby potatoes!

  2. Victoria Johnson said

    What a world class gardener you are. Never knew there were so many varieties of radishes. You reply to Joan, answerd my question about stir frying — not only a gardener but a daring experimental COOK!! GO, KEVIN. XXX AuntVickie

  3. grace said

    what else did you put in the stir fry??, besides the radishes?

  4. Sheril said

    That is awesome. I don’t have any idea on how you would set up a goal for your garden, so if it were me I would pick a random number for the first year. Then next year you will be able to work to better the goal, or reduce quantities of certain veggies and diversify so that you have everything you love in the garden and not so much that you can’t eat!! It would be interesting.
    I love the photos! The radishes are beautiful!! Did you add dill to the stir-fry?

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