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Madison Mania

Posted by kevinwolz on June 13, 2010

My weekend was all about the Mad City. I love everything about Madison: the atmosphere, the amenities, the culture, the location, the sustainability and…well…the liberal mindset. :.P I took complete advantage of this wonderful city during two particular events this weekend.

Madison Farmers’ Market

The Madison Farmers’ Market is “the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country. All items are produced locally by the vendor behind the table. No resale allowed!” How much better could it get? I’ve been wanted to go to this market for several years now, and I finally got myself to make the jump (it’s hard to leave behind all my friends at the local market). The market takes place on the entire state capitol square, which is huge. There are hundreds of vendors (my local market tops out at about twenty) selling every kind of food and flower imaginable. And yes, everything at the market is farmed; no “crafts” are allowed in the central square, while there is plenty of space for them on the surrounding streets…a smart move in my opinion. Crafts are great, but I’ve seen too many farmers markets get overrun by crafters.

To beat the crowd, we arrived by 6:3o AM, took a scouting lap, and then took a serious buying lap. By 9:30, the market was wall-to-wall people, allowing only three-inch steps in a strictly counterclockwise direction. Sometimes money and produce must be thrown overhead to complete transactions. So much cheese. So much bread. Cool mushrooms. Unidentified veggies. Weird flowers. Native Plants. Everything in between.

After spending all our money, my friend Katie and I ran along the lakeshore, had brunch at Cooper’s Tavern made completely from ingredients bought at the market that morning, and had dessert/chilled at Cafe Soleil, which also uses primarily local ingredients. Buy local food, enjoy a scenic run, eat sustainably, and relax. Why can’t every city do that?

Capitol View Sprint Triathlon

This morning, I completed my first triathlon! While I’m an experienced runner, I am quite unexperienced in competitive swimming and biking. Despite my practically nonexistent cross-training for this race, it went surprisingly well, and I had a ton of fun. I will definitely do another in the future! Here are some more pictures.

and now for the run...

While I survived, I lost the battle against my friend Katie...this time.


2 Responses to “Madison Mania”

  1. grace said

    I will be up at the lake next wkend. I arrive early sat and spend the nite. Tell your dad to fire up the barbie!!!! I am looking forward to touring your garden , and seeing the progress. What was your time for the triathalon?? Was it a whole or half triathalon?? grace

    • kwolz said

      The tri was a sprint, the shortest type, and I did it in 70min. Unfortunately, I will be out of town at a conference all weekend, but everything will still be there to see!

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