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Pimp My Bike

Posted by kevinwolz on May 30, 2010

At college, my bike is my primary mode of transportation. The buses are not very reliable, and sadly, I don’t have time to walk. This past year, I biked every day of the semester, regardless of the weather conditions. Next year, as I move into an apartment farther off campus, my bike will become even more necessary, especially since I will be doing my own shopping. Now, this begs the question: “Where I will be sourcing my food?” There are plenty of big grocers in C-U, but do you honestly think I’m going to fall back into our unsustainable, messed up food system just because the summer ended? Instead, I plan to source food from the following:

1) The local farmers markets (Urbana’s is historic and famous)

2) Common Ground Food Co-op (also very popular and even featured on Deconstructing Dinner, a podcast from Canada)

3) Our campus’s Sustainable Student Farm (volunteers get take-home veggies)

4) Direct from local farms (mostly meat and eggs)

5) Preserved and stored food from the summer (I will start canning and freezing soon)

Sound similar to my list for the summer? This will definitely be harder to continue in C-U than in WI, but I’m going to give it my all nonetheless.

Consequently, I will be relying heavily on my bike to transport my food. Unfortunately, my bike has zero cargo capacity, that is, until a few days ago when my dad and I pimped my bike. Using the base rack from an old bike and salvaged material from around our house, we were able to design a pretty sick basket system. The milk crates are easily removable for when I’m going to class, and a smaller basket can also be secured on top.

Check out more photos of my bad-ass cargo-hauling trend-setting machine here.

Haulin Groceries in Style


8 Responses to “Pimp My Bike”

  1. Joan said

    Are your roommates going to let you do all the cooking? Will they be
    happy with what you buy? If they are used to pizza and burgers, then you certainly will give them a healthier life-style.

    Your bike looks really cool. I hope you can balance two crates full of food…..


    • kwolz said

      I will certainly not be doing ALL the cooking, but we haven’t decided whether we are doing “family-style” or individual cooking/purchasing.

      As soon as the first tomatoes appear, a local pizza is definitely in store…

  2. Andrew said

    That looks pretty sweet. Have you tested out its weight capacity (Like will it hold a gallon of milk fine?)
    P.S. I think my mom has that same bike haha. I know she likes it though.

    • kwolz said

      Just from the feeling them out a bit, it seems like they will hold quite a bit…definitely several gallons of milk per side. In fact, we scratched our initial design for this stronger one when the initial one broke during assembly. I think it will be even more important to balance the weight.

  3. onestraw said

    Love the utilitarian bent. If you need more inspiration, check out my fave the :

  4. grace said

    I think you could patent and market these basket’s. Very nice for shopping!

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