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My Eat Local Diet

Posted by kevinwolz on May 17, 2010

Today brought the beginning of the “99.9% Locally and Sustainably Produced” Diet. This diet will continue throughout summer, at least until school starts, although preferably past that and indefinitely into the future.

Food will be sourced from four primary areas, listed in order of expected quantity consumed:

1) The local farmers markets

2) Direct from local farms

3) My own garden

4) The local co-op food store

Unfortunately, it will be a while before my own garden is producing consumable goods. I was also out of town for all of the local farmers markets this past week: Not a great start. So, this morning I made my first trip to the local co-op in order to check the place out for the first time and stock up for the week. The store is really awesome and sells mostly organic, sustainable, and healthy products. It is definitely a huge asset to our community.

However, there are only about 20 total items in the store that are produced locally, most of this being produce. This severely cut down on my options. Luckily, all of the local choices are labeled with a big green sticker, so I just walked the aisles and kept my eyes open. I left with 3 cups of yogurt, 1 gallon of granola, 2 lbs of ground beef, 5 lbs of carrots (begging to be made into cake), a bag of lettuce, a bag of watercress, and a bundle of asparagus. Not bad for just tiding myself over until the farmers market! Nevertheless, once I get settled up here, I plan on rarely relying on the co-op. I’d rather buy from the same farmers directly; cutting out the middleman should save a bit of money as well.

In reality, I ate like a king today. They were my best meals in weeks. Furthermore, I know exactly where all of that food was produced, and I know that my food miles are much lower than the national average of 1500 (I’ll calculate some real numbers soon).

So what are you waiting for!? You should do the same thing! If you want to enhance your environment, economy, community, health, and happiness all in one solid move, BUY LOCAL FOOD Click the link, punch in your zip code, stop thinking, and start doing.


One Response to “My Eat Local Diet”

  1. Roger said

    Thanks for the link, I’ve been meaning to look up some farmers markets. Let me know when you will be in town next or at a workday I have a few books for you. Rog

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