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A Moment To Reflect

Posted by kevinwolz on May 15, 2010

After my last few finals this past Wednesday, my freshman year officially ended. I can’t even believe how fast it went; I remember move-in-day like it was yesterday. Finals were a bit rough, with physics dealing the last punch of the semester–but at least I know now that 1)entropy rules everything, and 2) I have more free energy than free time! Looking back, I now realize just how much I learned this past year. More than academically too…I have grown a lot as a person. My college experience has made me more open to other people and their ideas, as well as more innovative and creative in my own right. I have made a ton of friends and many connections, with much in store for exciting collaboration next year. Overall, college was definitely all that I expected and much more.

That said, I am a man of change, and I am ready to shake it up a bit and start my radical summer! Between the time when this idea was planted in my brain back in January and now, this idea has developed profoundly. I found the inspiring activists, made connections, discussed the many possibilities, made a To Do List, and then finally created this blog. Those acquaintances have now become friends, and starting Monday, they will become partners in crime for Saving the World. As I have said before, my overarching purpose for this summer is twofold: I want to learn everything I can and also share it with everyone I know.

This blog is the primary sharing agent (second only to my big mouth), and I am thoroughly excited by what it has accomplished so far. I really have nothing to compare these numbers to, so take them as you will: my total site views just broke 2,200, and I get an average of 35 or so views per day with the max at 215. Seeing as I really had no idea what to expect going into this, I am pretty darn happy with those stats. However, more important than statistics are my personal observations of the responses in my friends/family after almost 2 months of blogging, particularly after giving my Passionate Pursuits lecture. I am excited to see real outside interests starting to form without further prodding from myself. Many of my friends/family seem genuinely interested not only in my activities but in the general ideas that I am pursuing. In particular, I have observed several independent conversations on Facebook (below) which really got my hopes up.

I would deem all of my efforts thus far completely worth it if I can inspire just one person by doing all of this. That said, now it’s time to take this potential critical mass, charge forward into the summer, and really get my hands dirty. I have created a Google calendar where I have posted roughly where I will be at different points during the summer. Nothing more than a few days out is really concrete, and anything more than one month out isn’t even on there. I am very sincere when I say that I would love to have everyone and anyone come visit me over the summer to share my experiences. Hopefully, this calendar will provide at least a better starting point for always-painful scheduling. There will be a permanent link to the calendar at the bottom of the SLE3RF page for future reference. Thanks for the support so far! Let’s do this!


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