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Summer Training

Posted by kevinwolz on May 13, 2010

After taking all last week off to recover from track season, summer base training for cross country next fall started on Monday. I’ve always taken time off after each season, but I think this might be the first time that I’ve ever taken complete rest for one full week, without any cross training or anything. I’m starting slow this week and will progress every week according to our team’s training plan. I’ll start at about 35 miles per week (mpw)and go up by about five every week, but taking it down by five every third week for recovery. Summer base training focuses simply on building aerobic capacity. This means that mileage will is relatively high and slow compared to the actual season.

My goal is to run 700 miles total between this past Monday and the first day of school, August 23rd (15 weeks). This is more than I have ever run in one summer, but college summers are a bit longer than high school summers, so it only averages to about 47 mpw which should be no problem as long as I stay healthy. I will be peaking at 70 or 75 mpw, including one long run per week, strides twice a week, and some sort of hill/leg strengthening twice a week.

Another training goal, as seen on my to do list, is to do more strength training then I have in the past. It’s a funny thing about runners: we find it no problem to go out and run for an hour and a half, but ask us to do core for five minutes and we’ll usually find some excuse…at least that’s true for me. To help me get HUGE (okay not really), I enrolled in a three-month membership at the local gym. The 24-hour access will be very convenient considering my unpredictable summer schedule. The major goal of this strengthening will be to stabilize my pelvis and core in order to finally solve my back and core issues. With everything being out of line,  I can adjust and fix it as many times as I want, but it will keep reverting back unless I finally strengthen the muscles involved so they can keep everything in place. I will also be focusing on self-maintenance this summer using ice and self massage. Ice is the solution to almost every running ailment, and I will be using ice baths/buckets as post-workout preventative maintenance.

One small blip in this solid plan is the fact that I am racing my first triathlon in a little over a month. I have never swam competitively in my life, and the form I learned in high school gym is a bit rusty…I will definitely need help working on this in the next month. I am more familiar with cycling, but have still never cycled competitively or even kept up a consistent cross training program. However, I’m not going to incorporate specific bike workouts into my training schedule, but will rather use my bike as much as I can in transportation and treat those trips as training.

So all that said, I NEED HELP! Whether you run or bike or skate or whatever, I could always use the company. The best conversations always happen on runs! You can also keep up with my progress on my training log.

Weekly Mileage for the Last Year...I Love Graphs! :.P


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