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April Fool’s!

Posted by kevinwolz on April 1, 2010 is my absolute favorite source of “environmental news, commentary, and advice.” They are really on top of things, which helps me stay on top of things since I get all their posts via RSS as they’re posted. Yes, it is a very liberal source, but I’m liberal, so it works out! (Rachel Maddow is another one of my favorites, if that tells you anything.) Anyway, Grist posted these great articles today which I particularly enjoyed due to relevance to food politics and sustainability. Enjoy!

What to make of the Pollan/Schlosser agreement with Wendy’s?

McDonald’s scraps composting program because food won’t decompose

Coal industry unveils disturbing iPhone application

Once I have more time on my hands and actually pay more attention to the outside world, I’ll probably be posting more favorite (true) news articles to share me thoughts. I always welcome criticism and conversation just as much as support, so bring it on!

Also, if there are topics in those foolish stories that you don’t understand or are not aware of: research them, ask me, and stayed tuned for the summer!

On a completely unrelated note, I just found out that I am the winner of the Best Flora category of the 2nd Annual Friends of the Forest Preserves Photo Contest! The picture is of a buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) flower in full bloom at Hidden Pond. :.]

Cephalanthus occidentalis


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