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Spring Break: Who takes breaks?

Posted by kevinwolz on March 15, 2010

Spring break is less than a week away!! I can’t believe the semester is already more than half gone…everything is just starting to blur together. These last few weeks have been particularly intense. Aside from midterms in every class, I have been bogged down with organizing (reorganizing) and submitting proposals for my two majors. This involves way too much paperwork and a lot of tedious schedule manipulation (more one this topic to come). This has all added up to last week being my lowest sleep week…maybe ever. Fortunately, that coincided with my highest mileage week since cross country season, to make it all better. I definitely need a week off.

That said, my break is NOT going to involve sleeping till noon relaxing strolls through the park (although a quick trek through the Palos Preserves to check out the spring ephemerals is on the agenda!). Instead, the plan is to head up to WI and spend a week priming my relationships with everyone I’ll be working with over the summer. Not many details yet, but some possible activities include: apple tree pruning, USDA “interaction,” agroforestry immersion, dump trucks, weeding, garden building, several workshops and flame throwers. Not bad for a preliminary list!

Most importantly, I will also be planning and preparing my summer garden, which isn’t much compared to all that I’ll be seeing over break, but it’s a start. There will be much more on this to come.

I also surprisingly found some time to get some more content up on the blog. Check out the new To Do List and Books pages. Lot’s of good stuff!

Happy Spring!


2 Responses to “Spring Break: Who takes breaks?”

  1. Alex said

    Is there time to work on the interview script for the recruiting video somewhere in there? Haha sounds like you’ve already gotten yourself a mountain of work there.

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